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Market Analysis

Market Research


Specialized in market research and consulting to provide you with deep understanding of the Asian American market.

Sales Channel Development


Business Support

Assistance with Sales Channel Development

Logistics Support

Assistance in developing your sales channels, with added logistics support for smooth operations.

Strategy Formulation

Business Strategy



Crafting effective business strategies and marketing/branding plans tailored to your needs.

Corporate Establishment


Operation Support

U.S. Corporate Establishment

Operation Support in Tax


Human Resources

Visa, etc.


Guiding you through U.S. corporate establishment and offering operational support including tax, accounting, HR, and visa services.

Exhibition Support

Support for Exhibitions

Business Talks


Offering support for exhibitions and business talks, ensuring a successful presence and networking.


Language Support

Graphic Design, etc.

Language support, graphic design, and more for a holistic business solution.

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