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The Asian American Market Business Development Service

 Your Gateway to 

Asian Americans' Purchasing Power 

$1.6 trillion

Projected to reach by 2024


Grew from 2000 to 2019


We are ABE

ABE, in alignment with the China U.S. Business Association (CUBA), specializes in business development services for the Asian American market, which is the fastest-growing market in the U.S. With a projected purchasing power of $1.6 trillion in 2024, it holds critical significance both domestically and globally.


Our strategy centers around guiding businesses through market entry and expansion, leveraging CUBA’s extensive network developed over the past 20 years to ensure access to this dynamic market

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OUR SERVICES - We connect you with customers

At Asian Business Expo (ABE), we’re here to help businesses, whether local or overseas, unlock the potential of the U.S. Asian American market. We customize our services to fit your needs, ensuring you connect effectively with customers and succeed 

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OUR CLIENTS- Across Industries, Tailored for All Sizes

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Understanding the Dynamics of the Asian American Market

▶ Cultural Complexity

The Asian American market presents distinct consumer behavior shaped by unique cultural nuances.

▶ Multilingual Engagement

English isn't sufficient; effective engagement requires communication in the community's native language and cultural understanding.

▶ Strategy Diversity

Uniform marketing tactics fall short in this market enriched by a spectrum of cultures, languages, and traditions.


▶ Community Resource

Maximizing potential calls for tapping into local resources and networks within the Asian American community.

Start connecting to your new customer

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